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Oppo 980 vs981 universal players...
They are very similar, that is very good for the price, but I eventualy tired of the "digital" hardness of the high frequencies. But nothing else is as good under $400. 
Any new reviews on the Oppo 983?
I returned mine, didnt find that it was noticeably better than my 981 at twice the price. Also, the bugs haven't all been worked out yet. 
Best sounding table radio ever...
Forget saba, for about $200 you can get the Proton P300 with powered stereo speaker the P301. Best sounding radio evah. Usually on ebay. 
Anybody hear of Jack Johnson?
If this CD sounds bad on your system, there's something wrong with your system. This CD has fantastic in-the-room realism and transparency. Listen to the cymbal crashes & decays, very clean & dynamic. 
Christmas Music
"Meowy Christmas" by the Jingle Cats. 
Sibilance how do I get rid of it?
Upgrade the power cord to your CD player if possible. A PS Audio Lab II for instance. It makes all the difference. Also, set your CD, pre, and amps on vibration isolation feet/stands. Also as suggested upgrade your AC outlets to audio grade, cheap... 
I turn the big Half-Century today
Now you don't need an antique to have something really old to sit on... The Chambers Brothers "Time Has Come Today." Rocky Horror "Let's Do the Timewarp Again." 
Got a melody running around in your head?
Wish I was in Tiajuana,eating Bar-B-QuedIguana... 
need the words to a jingle ca. 1967
Charlie Says "Love my good n plenty"Charlie Says "really rings the bell">CHARLIE SAYS "LOVE MY GOOD N PLENTY"..."don't know any other candy that I love so well." 
Amp quality / Slam
Just check that the "+" or "positive" (ie, Red) output wire of your amp goes to the corresponding "+" terminal on each speaker, and the black "-" or "Negative" terminals on amp-speaker also match up. If one speaker has the polarities reversed at t... 
Amp quality / Slam
Check once again for proper wiring polarity; if one woofer is out of phase, say goodbye to slam. Use a test CD if available, or just trace wires from amp to speakers.ALSO, take out the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet. Having used one myself, I found it d... 
Which DVD players put out a true 24/96 digital out
Technics DVD-A10. 
Where R U?????
Redondo Beach, CA, 15 miles south of Hollywood. 
has anyone heard the original ml statements
Heard them at an LA HiFi Show a few years ago configured as Eldragon described. But to me all instruments sounded over-sized, it was "hi-fi" sounding, not natural. 
My system has just received the ultimate insult
Make tracks pal. It's love me, love my stereo. She obviously hates you.