Nitty Gritty Mini-Pro cleaning machine

This machine cleans both sides of the record. Do you find that to be a positive point or a negative point?
Positive point,
I had one ---- BUT, it is not the most sophisticated or robust of machines.
I gave up on it after some troubles, though due some to my own fault (I used it after all).
I now have a Hannl MERA and the cleaning is only one-sided, and therefore more elaborate - but of slightly better cleaning quality, but NOT because it does single-side cleaning only.
The Nitty uses the suction velour-strips also as the 'scrubbing-brush' and this is a lesser solution than having a scrubbing brush (arm) AND a separate suction (velour) arm.
I like it because you don't have to worry about dirt from one side being transferred to the other via the platter on single sided machines.

I actually flip mine and give both sides a clean in each direction.
I like mine because it is simply a quicker process with minimal fuss and I'm back to listening right away.

The negatives? The solution pump on the top arm doesn't always work well - I get a couple drops on the top when the bottom is well covered if I haven't used it for awhile. I compensate with a quick squirt from a bottle of solution on the top when this happens. Also, the scrubbing strips are not the simplest thing in the world to change out.

Bottom line, if you want a quick, simple solution, the nitty gritty rocks. If you are obsessed with super clean records and are willing to put in the extra time and effort to get them, there are other options that might suit you better.
Hi Shazam
you say...
>>> The solution pump on the top arm doesn't always work well... <<<

You can say that again! I had to replace / repaired that 'thing' until I got tired of it.
It's made from the top of a hair-spray bottle glued to that hand pump plunger, eish.

If I say more, it'll be too unkind...
Their customer service is VERY GOOD though, and this MUST be said in all fairness.

I use the manual one with excellent results, no problems with changing out the velour. I also use the VPI brush instead of the N.G. one. I do clean both sides as well.