No Feedback Flakes

Any body else having the same problem as me? List gear and get inquiries from "buyers" with no feedback. They make an offer and I email back my acceptance but the "buyer" is never to be heard from again. This has happened to me several times in the past couple of months. Three months ago the "buyer" with no feedback actually confirmed the sale back to me and, of course, never sent the money. I have gone to a Paypal only policy for those with limited or no feedback. Comments?
Yep, I had one individual ask me if I could ship the items C.O.D. after I said NO, a couple of days later i asked if he still wanted the cables and neary a response from the indivudal. Best bet is to check how long the individual is a member with Audiogon. Not to say all new no feedback members are shady. I was once there, we all were a one point.
While I understand that this can be a pain in the ass, as a buyer I'm not sure how sympathetic I am. Are you aware that the sellers here only seem to post feedback after the buyer does, if at all. So if the seller commits some sins, but not great enuf to warrant negative feedback, but enuf that you don't want to indorse his advertising practices - you get no feed back. Its happened to me 4 times so far - I still have no positive feedback even though I'm a stellar buyer here and on EBay. But if you don't want to sell something wherein my rights are protected, such as COD, thats OK with me. There are others.
There are also those whose accounts have been suspended from A'gon. Yet, they still have the ability to send email to members inquiring about products and often times doing exactly as you describe.

The exact behavior that got them booted off of A'gon in the first place.

Hey Newbee. Regardless of how good the price appears, I never buy anything from anyone on the 'gon, for over $50, without a resume. I'm willing to lose the $50, if they are new to the 'gon. Rjacero said it best. 'goners have to start somewhere. Not with me, though. Would you buy something for significant $$ from someone on the 'gon who asks for a money order, or personal check, that has no, (or a very limited) resume? I don't think so.
peace, warren
So far my experience --I have only been a buyer--has been excellant. If the purchase is a big one I try to have a telephone conversation with him, first.

Here's a suggestion:
try to find the member's participation in threads. He must exist somewhere.