No more delays for posts showing up?

My posts are showing up instantaneously, did I hit some kind of good guy threshold, or what?
I think all the bitching we've been doing regarding slow posting has attracted their attention.
I just wish they would keep a larger number of posts "active" in Recent Discourse."
Used to be on the good guy list posts showed instantly, but pissed someone off so went from hero to zero just like that :-) under heavy moderation now.

Good listening

posts have no delays while threads have.

after all this site has more bugs than working functions. even working functions work sloppy from the developer's perspective.

any of my personal attempt to open a conversation with administration is left with no attention. moreover if i would try to open a discussion on gon's bugs, it would more likely be rejected due to non-audio related.

the good side is:
previously this post wouldn't've been posted, because it would have go through the moderation first while at this time you can read my opinion on what'sepening.

posting a classified add i'd recommend using walmart, net-spend or similar debit cards that are neither credit cards nor linked to any of your personal accounts. the safest way is to void any classified adds here just simply because it's a very sloppy site presuming that security functionality is also very sloppy and safety of your funds are under jeopardy.

visiting gon should now be with caution of chasing malware. clean and protect your pc at all times.
Peter, I believe I'm on the watch list just above or below you. I know who I pissed off.
There are two levels happening here. First, threads (new ones) must be approved. Then, if they are they must be loaded into the cache for the next cache refresh. Same with thread replies, the make it into the cache for the next cache refresh. Both take way too long for today's SLA standards in any kind of reasonable web community / application.
I'm on a blacklist somewhere and for the life of me I don't know why. Often I'll post to a thread in the morning and won't see it until about 8 hours later if I'm lucky. There have been times I didn't see a post to a thread here until 16-20 hours later and it already lost relevance. Some members have their posts hit threads faster and some it almost seems instantaneous. I wonder if they are verified by Audiogon. Either way I'm used to the ebb and flow of the forum here. If I want an answer to a question I'll either look in the Audiogon archives or will participate in a different audio forum.
Mt, I know who I pissed off too, and Jedinite I am verified by the masters of Audiogon or at least they take my money every month to be on the dealer program.

Their issue is that they do not tolerate any critique of them selves and if you post a statement even questioning this you get booted to the black list.

Moderator, really put this one up, cause if we all disappear there will be nothing to moderate.

Good Listening

Did anyone see the domain expired landing page this morning? Hacked or just poor website / DNS management?
I was re-directed to Network Solutions until about noon today. Obviously a domain glitch, it happens.
If I had any items for sale, I'd be cancelling my listing fee transactions as unauthorized through the bank. It will be evident for them that site is no longer existing.

I, like you, am on the black list and don't know why. My posts take HOURS to show up yet some of my friends can post instantly-very frustrating. I've even helped AudioGon in the past when they were having so many fraudulent sellers show up by going through the new ads every morning and sending them links, still on the bad guy list....