No more skips, drop-outs or “file loading slowly” meassages

I was running a Asus ET8 mesh system requiring 3-4 nodes to cover my home and deck. I run 4 Auralic units and 1 Bluesound speaker outside on the deck through Roon. I had to limit playback to CD quality and even then I was suffering from the dreaded “file loading slowly” messages and many skips and drop-outs. Needless to say this was very frustrating after 2 years of trying to make this work. So a few days ago I upgraded to the Asus Pro ET12. I just have two of them with the main router at one end of the upstairs and one at the other end facing the deck with a big brick wall outside that used to block all WiFi requiring a node outside on the deck. The results have been nothing short of surprising. Download speeds have increased by about 50% throughout the house and deck. I have been playing all 5 units grouped in Roon using Tidal and Qobuz letting Room radio play at highest resolution possible for over 100 hours straight and have not had even had one skip based on the history in Roon. That includes MQA and 192/24 downloads. I then focused on just playing 192/24 files and same result. Just wanted to share as I am one happy camper right now. 

PS I also tried the Orbi but it will not operate when the modem is set in bridged mode so it went back quickly. 


I may add that I am also running 5 TV’s, including the deck, at the same time with the tennis on in the background and they are also loading with lightening speed and no issues.