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Best sounding headphones you have owned?
Anything from JM Audio Design - John Massaria is nothing short of a headphone savant.    
WiFi issues - check your antennas
👍 Indeed!  
I have perfected my network for the nth time
I thought my OCD was bad. 🤷‍♂️😂   
SPL Diamond - Review
There should be a rule, as many others have expressed, that you cannot comment, good or bad, on a specific component unless you have actually spent some serious listening time with it.   
Is low cost DAC worth it?
You can get a used Benchmark DAC 1 for less than $500 and you get a great headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier to boot. The performance is not materially different from the $2,000 DAC 3.   
Recommend me a DAC under 3k
I think the SPL Diamond DAC I just wrote some impressions on would fit your bill. Give it a listen if you can.      
SPL Diamond - Review
Thanks - it was not hard! Not so sure about the spoon in a honey jar reference they make in regard to the volume knob though! It does the job. 😎  
SPL Diamond - Review
Trying to think of another way to describe their house sound it would be reminiscent of combining the characteristics of a tube amplifier with a high end Class D amp that has insane dynamics.   
SPL Diamond - Review
I am told by Will and Stef, their new North American team in Montreal, that they are coming out with a full size line that will allow them to cater to us audiophiles even better with more input/output options and I am told even higher levels of so... 
SPL Diamond - Review
I use the outstanding pre-amp in the DAC. With its 135db dynamic range you would be hard pressed to find a pre-amp that can keep up except maybe the Benchmark. The volume has to be controlled manually.   
I stream 24/7. Do you?
Qobuz radio all day starting with one of their daily mixes then into more serious listening in the evening depending on mood. All streamed to 4 Auralic Aries’s throughout the house.  
SPL Diamond DAC - no remote control
After a week with the Diamond I will live without the remote volume. It’s very special. I will write a separate post with more detailed impressions but bottom line is dynamic, silky smooth, dense, organic analog sound. Paired up with a SPL Perform... 
SPL Diamond DAC - no remote control
I think we are all ok with the buttons - it’s the volume that is key.   
SPL Diamond DAC - no remote control
Can’t agree more! So many things can go awry with these pots.   
SPL Diamond DAC - no remote control