No More upgrades to ARC LS25 Mk.1?

Is it true that ARC is no longer upgrading LS25 Mk.1 to the Mk.2 version?

(Yes, I am aware that some prefer the Mk.1 over the Mk.2 using the Upscale Audio tubes).
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I don't know. I'd recommend that you call ARC at 763-577-9700 and ask Leonard. Might as well get it straight from the horses mouth. Leonard is a wealth of ARC knowledge.

If in fact this is true (or even if it isn't true), I would highly recommend contacting Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound Company as he is famous for his work with Audio Research gear.

I did speak to someone at ARC and that's what I was told. I assume they will still service both Mk.1 and Mk.2 LS25's but apparently not upgrade. Guess they want to sell more of the LS26's.
Doesn't surprise me. Many manufacturers will upgrade to the current model, however, most will not upgrade an older model to an already discontinued model. They tend to leave that type of work to the modifiers like GNSC.

Yup. I'll contact GNSC. While they may to certain upgrades, I doubt they would do the Mk.1 to Mk.2 upgrades given the parts involved (e.g., new front and rear panels).
sell your Mk1 and buy a used Mk2, it will be way cheaper... they are built using two diffent tube set designs...6922 versus super tubes..
Well if it's new front and rear panels you're after, I agree with Cytocycle.
I was simply under the impression you were looking to improve the performance of your LS25 Mk I, I guess I was mistaken.


My bad regarding front and rear panels. That's not it.

Of course I want to improve the performance of the LS25. But, I think the jury is out as to whether the Mk.1 with new 6922's from upscale audio is better or the Mk.2 with the JFET/6H30 is better.
Edwyun: So now are you asking now which is better Mk1 or Mk2?
There are tons of threads on this...
Mk1 Warmer top, and a more classic ARC sound

Mk2 Better Bass, more solid state sounding compared to the Mk1 but also slightly more detailed, but some feel it's missing some of the magic of the MK1

Then you will have the third group that feels the ARC LS5 MIII it the best of both worlds...

My feeling is which one is going to have the best synergy with your system. Determining what you feel is lacking and what you want to improve or change will be the real question.

Search the archives for tons of comparisons.

I have been dissappointed (value and quality of tubes) in upscales tubes in the past... there are plenty of threads suggesting other tube sources.
Well spoken Cytocycle. Many threads here and at AA discussing the differences between 6922 tube vs. 6H30 tube. From what I've read, there is no clear cut winner, only a myriad of opinions.

Yes. I understand about the nuances between the Mk.1 and Mk.2. I just wish I had a Mk.2 to use in my current system.

If I were to tell you the Mk.1 is hooked up to a Threshold SA/4e and B&W 802's, would that change anyone's recommendations?

Guess the only real way to tell is to listen!
I would keep your Mk1 to tame the tweeter, buy a JL Audio Fathom Sub F113/F112 since your 802's don't do 20hz bass anyway...) and dial in the bass, speaker placement and finally some room treatment(which will make a bigger difference than the more transparent Mk2)... oh yeah are you using balanced cables since your threshold is fully balanced? and do you have dedicated 20amp circuits to feed the threshold's!

Once again what do you want to improve about your system???? what do you not like?

You can buy a Mk2 and if you don't like it turn it for what you paid or a little less.... otherwise if you like the ARC sound, get an LS26
I would keep the Mk I and have some fun tube rolling as Mykesinger suggest, maybe even send it to Steve. If you must have the 6H30 tube, I'd skip the Mk II and go straight for the LS 26. However, remember, you can't tube roll with the 6H30.

If it were me, I'd talk to Steve Huntley and see what he recommends. I'd either upgrade the Mk I through GNSC, or get a LS 26. The LS 25 Mk II would not even be a consideration for me.

Thanks all.

Yeah, the LS26 would be ideal for the 6H30.

Might as well stick with the Mk.1 and try some better tubes. And particular recommendations?
6H23 NOS Russian Military tubes. Affordable and sound very good. Better all around than EH or Sovtek. Smoother top, more natural, better soundstage.

I use Mullard made by Amperex in Holland NOS 6922. Very nice sound. They're not as expensive as some other NOS tubes. Got them from Brent Jessee Recording Supplies.

There is so much information on tubes, it can be confusing. Essentially, tubes are like cables. You have to try in your own rig. If they work good in someone's system, this is no indication they will work for you. So buy an try. This is the best way.