No new innovations in "Audio" at upcoming CES2014?

Anyone imagine that there will be anything new in "sound", innovation-wise, at his years "The Show" and CES show in Vegas coming up?
Pertaining to any digital or analog formats, delivery or storage topology, advances in equipment or new formats, Not exactly sure what new could possibly be coming down the pike. I'm guessing only the video side of the consumer Audio/Video market will offer anything worth talking about, Or did I miss something in the trade mags and/or news from cyberspace?
Not necessarily "New" but will be marketed as such: Blu-Ray Audio, Wireless audio delivery and speaker systems, Hi-Rez (without any clear consensus on what that "really" means). Network players of varying pedigrees.
If Rocky Mountain was a preview there will be a lot of talk about DSD downloads. There were a lot of new turntables and a lot of tube amps at Rocky Mountain
Concur with Tom, for the foreseeable future Blu-Ray Audio and Wireless systems look to be the shape of things to come. I think Blu-Ray may render DSD effectively dead. The international community has been working for some time now in an attempt to do away with any "ownable" shiny discs and move toward downloads only. The target date has so far been sometime in 2015, but it appears not all the member countries are on board yet...I have no idea how the copyright problems are expected to be worked out...or how much it will actually matter, really. But, we may all ultimately have to pay for a digital product that we can store, but can no longer hold in our hands. That will mean a shift away from players and toward computers.
As vinyl LPs and turntables continue to thrive and sell and will be prominent at CES2014, why are we so sure that CDs and SACDs are going away so quickly? Like LPs, I still want something tangible I can buy. I have absolutely no plans to stop buying CDs and SACDs. True there are less and less retail stores where you can browse and purchase but they still do exist (or simply order new CDs on-line). Even if I can download lossless equivalent music to CDs and SACDs, I still want to have something tangible with liner notes on a media I can't accidentally delete !!