No Vocals from Grateful Dead RSD LP

Hello -- this problem has me perplexed. I purchased the Grateful Dead LP on RSD and when I played it, I didn't get any vocal output. So I emailed the distributor (Rhino), which sent me another copy. I put it on last night and ... no vocals! All my other vinyl plays perfectly. My system is a Thorens 165 turntable w/Grado Sonata cartridge, Dynaco ST70 power amp, Dynaco PAS 2 preamp, Budgie phono preamp, and Dahlquist D-10 speakers. I plan on going to a record store here and they have turntables and I hope they will allow me to play the album to see if I get any vocals from another system. However, any idea/troubleshooting to find out why I"m having this the problem with this LP? Thanks!.
The recording might be out of phase. Reverse the speaker cable on one speaker and see if that fixes the problem. I doubt that there are any GD records remixed for Karaoke! BTW,turn off the tube amp before you do this!
Grateful Dead Karaoke, you may be on to something there... It would be awesome to see if anyone actually knows the words to "dark star". The thing with that song is you would be on stage a long time before actually saying anything though. Okay I'm done now. 
The engineer musta been trippin' on real good stuff(wonder which one) to screw up the whole batch of pressings. He probably forget to include vocal to the tracks LOL. Curious to know what was involved to get so high and certainly contact info!
bdp24, You never miss an opportunity (gotta hand it to you for that)... Made me laugh though
Aw, I was kiddin’ (sorta). I’d much rather listen to the slightly flat, stiff singing of Jerry and Bob (they are rather awkward singers, not sounding like it comes naturally to them, and not good at phrasing) than the perfect intonation of "entertainer"-type singers, with their overly-emotive, cynically-calculated, phony performances, with forced, excessive vibrato (to show how "good" a singer he or she is). At Jerry and Bob are honestly inept. Oops, there I go again.
Now if you can just get rid of the endless guitar noodling you might end up with a decent record! 
I went to a record store and played the album on its system and the vocals were clear. I changed the phono cartridge on my system to see if that was the problem and I heard vocals for one song, then nothing but instrumental...
Finally figured it out -- I changed from a Grado Sonata to my backup, a Sumiko Pearl. I fooled around with the gains on the Budgie preamp, and what do you know? I have vocals! It never occurred to me to change the gains on the Sonata. Thanks everyone!