Noisy speakers

Sometime when listening to the music, I hear noisy sound come from my Triange speakers. Just background sound like someone shaking a can of coins. Have anyone had experience something like this?
Yes, but not exactly the sound of shaking coins in my case. Mine was a buzzing sound from one channel and I managed to track the fault to the CD player. Try some simple trouble-shooting methods to determine which component is failing. If you have a tube preamp it may be a bad tube or something.
I agree with Ryder that the speakers aren't to blame - they are simply the messenger. The problem is elsewhere in the system. Do you hear this sound on every CD?

Not on all CD. Ryder is corrected with describing the sound, sound more like buzzing than shaking coins. I am using solid state amp.
Is it always on certain disc every time you play it? It could be electrical is it isnt always there. Furnace, dryer, flouresent lights and other items can cause strange noise when on.
I had a tweeter that had air escaping from behind that made buzzing sound once. Had to make a shim to stop it.
I had a recent experience with my Spica TC60's. The noise I experienced was a buzzing or raspy sound and the vocals were sort of nasal sounding. It was actually the banana plugs on the speaker post. I removed them and put bare wire in the post and all the noise was gone. Spades are better as well as bare wire compared to a banana plug that is not snug. They will vibrate and make a noises that will make you think your speakers have a problem. I'd start there.

Then check the tubes for microphonics. If it is a tube preamp or power amp turn the volume down and tap each tube with a pencil eraser lightly. If it comes through your speakers you have a microphonic tube. If no tubes check all your connections. If it is the speaker,.... it could be the internal wires resting on the cone of the driver internally and vibrating. Not likely but possible if you have been in it recently.
Agree with Ponnie that you should check your connectors. A bad connection can
even make a tweeter sound defective, according to UHF Magazine.
I did have a fussy sound on my VMPS center channel and it turned out the wood plug came unglued from center and was vibrating, I only found out when I went to pull driver to order a new one.