Noob Seeking Assistance Powering Small Dance Party


I am seeking assistance on what gear to rent or buy for small dance parties (15-20 people in relatively small rooms, house music). I could rent for every party, but I also have some cash on hand to purchase a decent rig with.

I am lost with regards to how much power I need, size of cabinets, which option will provide the best sound quality, and whether i need a subwoofer.

My initial thoughts are small cabinets (8-12"?) with one or two 12" subwoofers. I called my local store in Canada, and they recommended no subwoofer, just a larger cabinet (15").

My local stores offer The QSC K line, and a few Yorkville cabinets (Elite e10p, nx55) for rent.

I can also purchase used in my local market - the QSC K8.2 ($1300), EV ZXA1 ($700), RCF ART732 ($2500), DSR112 ($1800)

To add to the confusion - I own a pair of Kef Kube 10b subwoofers (300w RMS) - could these be used, considering the size of the party? Or do i absolutely need a PA subwoofer(s)?

Any help is greatly appreciated , thanks!