Nordost Norse2 series

I have a pair of Frey1 speaker cables and I am considering an upgrade.

Has anyone heard the Heimdall2 or Frey2 from the new Nordost series yet???
The sound is more pleasant. This means they are aware of the problems Nordost cables in sound can create. The new cables are more easy to use.
Hi, I use the Frey 2 speaker Cables, their fast and neutral in character being even handed top to bottom. I belive the series 2 Frey are the equal at least to Tyr 1 which I have also heard . I'm told that Frey 2 is not as lean as Frey 1 although I havn't heard them. Frey 2 now uses the same gauge wire as Tyr 1 and 2 more per run as well so you can do the comparison . I hope this helps although nothing is better than a demo in your own system of course.
Frey 2 is not REMOTELY as lightweight-sounding as Frey 1. I've had both (still have the Frey 2 (interconnect, not speaker cable) and it is easily as solid as Tyr. Instuments are grounded, not ghostly. I imagine this is a function of Nordost filling in the noticeable upper bass/lower midrange suckout of the original Norse cables. They've certainly done a fantastic job of it, let me tell you.
I am very happy with the Frey V2 phono cables.
The more lp's I play ,the better they sound.
I suppose I'll have to upgrade my Heimdal V1 to a pair of Frey V2 to get the full effect.