Nordost Speaker Cables

Has anyone ever tried 'shotgunning' 2 sets of Nordost speaker cables. After demoing the Heimdals and Freys I had to say I had to 'squint' to hear the difference - But I did hear a difference. I did end up buying the Freys. That got me thinking (I know I shouldn't do that) but has anyone tried running 2 pair of speaker cables to 1 set of speakers? Like 1 pair with spades and 1 pair with bananas. If so was the difference minor or major? Would it be like getting a pair of Vahallas or Tyrs? I know there are other differences like dual mono filament - more wires and a heavier gauge.

Thanks George
I made it with XLO Signature Speaker cable, the Shotgun Termination.
2 lines in 1 Spade
I can hear the difference, even with 99dB Speakers, you get more Headroom and the Speakers disappear.
But it is a high price for it.
Yes -- works really well. With Nordost, I had used two separate runs of Blue Heaven to my speakers (i.e., double-biwired). BIG improvement over just using one run in all categories. Really, much better. Nordost itself had said using two runs of BH would approach the SPM's at a much more cost-effective price.

However, when I replaced the two runs of BH with Heimdall (one run), the Heimdall was much much better. The Heimdall's were really outstanding cables -- they are the first (and lease expensive) in the Nordost line to use the monofilament technology.
I have the Heimdall speaker cables and ICs in my system and agree that they offer very good value in the Nordost line (probably the sweet spot) as I could not hear much difference between them and the Freys. Just a minor correction from Dne's post, the least expensive monofilament-based cabling in the Nordost line are the Baldur cables, then Heimdall. I mention it in case Xti16 wanted to consider less expensive alternatives to Heimdall or Frey but still with the benefit of the monofilament technology.