Nottingham Spacearm vs. new Ace Space arm

Anyone have an opinion of the older Spacearm vs. the new Ace Space tonearm from Nottingham?
I recently purchased a new Spacedeck with the new Ace Space arm and did a indirect comparison. I listened to the New AceSpace turntable, (very similar to the spacedeck with heavier metal in the motor housing and arm base as well as a different bearing), that had the new arm against a Spacedeck with the previous version AceSpace arm. I really liked the Acespace TT with new arm more. Seemed to just be more lively, deep, tight and rich. I then had the chance to hear a spacedeck with the new arm against the AceSpace TT with the new arm and they sounded identical. So, I figured it was the arm. If I had an extra $600 I would have gone for the mass of the Acespace just because, but I decided that the money would be better spent on a Boston Mat1 and Neuance shelf in the future. In a nutshell, I really prefered the new arm and continue to be very very happy with it.