Now I'm confused, Sonus Fiber Grand Piano's?

I had the chance to listen to a pair at Tweeter today & was completely shocked. They were excellent! I was there to demo some Martin Logan's for a friend & rather reluctantly listened to the Grand Piano's based on the salesmen's recommendation. We were using the new Steve Winwood disc & some live Grateful Dead as references since we both know the music so well on our own personal systems. They were excellent. The ML's never got my toe tapping (I guess I'm not a planar fan) but the Piano's sounded really great. Excellent bass & killer image no matter where we put them. The room was a wreck speaker placement wise when we got there. For a set of speakers that are not made to rock they did a damn fine job in that room. At home I have a pair of Tyler reference monitors, external crossovers & Tyler sub that has been the best thing I've had in my living room yet but now I'm thinking of selling them for the Piano's. The Piano's are simpler & would be less dominant in my room b/c I could ditch the stands, external crossovers, sub & garden snake bi-wire cables. My wife would love me & I think they would actually sound better than my current set-up. I wondered if they sounded so good playing through the usual stuff at Tweeter that they would have to sound better with my current rig which is a DNA-1, Parasound CBD2000 transport into a Benchmark DAC using DH Labs cables. Am I going nuts or what? I think this new stripped down approach to my home stereo has gone too far now.
Did you check the speaker cables they used on the Sonus Fabers. Some of those salesmen at tweeter are pretty slick.Some of the speakers are hooked up with a pair of Monster cables with some kind of module on it .It seems to boost the bass output of these speakers. A person buys them and gets them home only to find out they don't sound the same.

I really like the sound of Sonus Faber especially when their not hooked to these special cables. It sounds like you have a case of the rest of us!!LOL
Did you listen to the Vienna Acoustics? I liked them much better than the Piano's

No, they did not have the Vienna Acoustics hooked up at the time. We were going to drag them over so I could hear them but being rear ported they would pose a problem in my room.
No, you're not crazy -- the Faber Pianos are seriously good speakers --
everything you describe -- and they are a great value at their price point.
IMO, they beat speakers costing far more.
I think they do sound great & I know they aren't taken seriously because they are sold at Tweeter, I know I didn't expect much personaly. I can't get them out of my head so I guess I'll have to go back & spend a little more time with them. So who wants a full Tyler set up ;)
who says they are not taken seriously? besides you, that is.
I've never heard or read anything but rave reviews for all the SF products.
but thats me.
Tweeters actually carries *some* good merchandise -- you can't hold it against the merchadise. You put a picture of Denise Richards in an ugly wallet -- It won't stop me from fantasizing.