Ohm 100s & MMGs & CRM-2

I mentioned my Ohm speaker purchase in an Ohm thread a few weeks back and I'm posting this for those folks who wanted a follow up upon their arrival.

Every year I buy myself an "audio toy" for my birthday. This year I decided to address room issues which have been a pain since I moved 2 yrs ago. First, I looked into the full range DSP units, but Tact and DEQX are sold direct and Lyngdorf has a very limited network so I couldn't audition any of them. Instead, I decided to pass in favor of the Velodyne DD bass correction ssytem (SMS-1) and a pair of 8" Velodyne SPLR subs. This consumed about half my budget. With the other half, I decided to buy some "satellites" for use with the subs.

I have long admired the imaging capabilities of the MBL line, but I have issues with their tonal balance. Instead of going with MBL 121s (rather expensive) and hoping to achieve a good balance with the SPLR subs, I figured I could use this opportunity to explore some speaker design alternatives that have intrigued me over the years, and eventually decided upon the the 3 speakers mentioned above. I know that this decision may strike some as odd, but-hey-I never claimed to be normal!

Each represents a different radiation/dispersion design philosophy:

The Ohms are (mostly) omnidirectional.
The Maggies are planar dipoles.
The Sunfires are dynamic side-firing bipolars.

It's been just under 2 weeks, so I'm still getting my head around these products. It's clear that both the Ohms and the Maggies have particular strengths that jump out at their respective price points. The CRMs are certainly fine sounding, but they didn't surprise me the way the other 2 did in exceeding overall expectations.

It's a bit too soon for more description as I want to spend a little more time with these speakers to better understand them. I also want to add some additional room treatment (due this week - ah well, blew the budget in the end). I'll post more in a week or 2.