Ohm Walsh Pro 200 Cylinders - Sound? Owners?

Anyone own an Ohm Cylinder? If yes, what do you think of the sound and what is your setup? Any feedback from anyone? Ohm site says 200s are black but some "Pro-200" models are for sale that have wood laminate. Comparison to Walsh 2s? (Yes, I'm still looking for 2s... mostly. Need to find in Chicago area for audition but no luck yet.) Thanks for any/all for feedback. Mapman? John? / Marcus
I have a pair of Pro-200s that I purchased around 1990. Fantastic sound - trademark Walsh open 3D sound. Very clean - excellent dynamics - thow a huge soundstage with lots and lots of air. They don't have the hefty bottem end of the bigger walshes. I mated mine with Kinergenic dula subwoofers (very easy blend) and these were my reference speakers for a few years.

I gave the pro-200s to my son, with a SUMO Polaris and Pioneer Elite SP-91D - he's happy!
I have a pair that I bought at Goodwill some years back. Amazing 3-D sound from anywhere in the room! Mine are the vinyl wood finish - will not win any beauty contest! Presently hooked up to a Carver TFM-15 amp - another Goodwill find. Sounds excellent!
Can't say anything about the Pro 200s but I do have a set of Ohm 1000s that I really enjoy. Very neutral sound, excellent bass, and the largest sweet-spot around. One thing about Ohm, though, is they do need a bit of power behind them to open up.