Okto DAC 8 Stereo (Shout-out)

I know this DAC made a buzz via a Stereophile A+ rating a couple years back, and I can’t say how many times I casually checked if they were back in stock for purchase. A couple of weeks ago I happened to check and they were. 

Previously I had read the lead times were up to 8 weeks for a build, but happy to report it arrived in just over a week to the states. Great communication and service from the Okto team. Unfortunately couldn’t get one with streaming on-board due to R-Pi shortages. 

Seems well built, nice screen, and overall a smaller chassis than I thought. Hopefully won’t miss lack of single ended outputs. A note you can use this as a preamp and order to custom output voltage to match your power amp.

My initial impressions are as follows: This is the most transparent DAC I have ever heard, previously owning Denafrips Terminator, Holo Spring, Sonnet Morpheus, Aqua La Scala, PS audio PW DSD and others of lesser renown and quality. . The instrument separation is quite good, a wide and deep stage, and an almost eerily clarity that lacks any glassy edginess that sabre DAC based designs seem to be known for. Although I owned a HIFI rose and loved it. 

Anyways, kudos to Okto and a heads up they are in stock. Great performance and a very affordable price!





I just got mine hooked up today. It’s incredible. I’ve had Berkeley, Meitner, DCS, PS Audio,Bricasti….it beats them all. I run that new Eversolo streamer.. the combination is super clean, but warm and transparent. Really is incredible.

The T+A 200 dac I feel and many others the best sounding dac 

that also has HQ player incorporated since Roon too has it built into their program 

at $7200 it competes well with anything at 2x it’s cost check it out as well as reviews . I know 4 that own one I am currently buying one in the fall.

and I have heard in our audio get together heard every brand ,your taste many vary 

but this dac has a lot of flexibility built in. 

I've never heard of this unit until this thread, but at that price and with those reviews I felt it worth a try, so I just ordered one. I dearly love my Yggdrasil LiM so we'll see if this thing can outshine it. Ordered the custom output voltage, too.

I can understand the Okto being perhaps more transparent than the Aqua La Scala, but it sounding better than it… not sure.  Quite different sounding DACs I believe, but I have never heard the Okto.

Are you able to provide more comparative feedback on other aspects of sound, in addition to transparency?

…also depends upon how good your source is. I have a feeling that the Okto would sound better with most regular/intermediate music sources. R2R needs real high end to come into its own, otherwise it’s somewhat hobbled.