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Russ Andrews CLARITY PRO 2.0 WITH SUPPLIER anyone?
This is got scam written all over it  
Fake AQ cables
This is crazy it’s like a scammer getting scammed by a scammer. What would you call that a scammer to the third power? A cubed scam?  
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
I can’t stop laughing  
Is anyone familiar with shipping oversea?
I did just last week. I sent it United States Postal Service. It was $26. When I got a price from FedEx it was $226 same thing for UPS like $240. It took about a week to get there I would just box it up real good and take it to your local post off... 
Revisiting Chinese Knockoff Cables
I find it funny out there that there are people who pretend that their expensive cables make a huge difference. Now we have people out there who pretend that they fake pretend cables sound awesome. When does the pretending stop?  
Tube Preamps Should Have This Feature
I just hooked up my super tube rectifier to my space tech lab preamp. What a difference! It made everything sound a level smoother refined all of the same time. I was a little leery about the whole thing but it was definitely worth the $1100. Amaz... 
What was the first power cable that you noticed a difference in the sound?
Run Jim run as fast as you can. Just drop the cords and run. This goes on forever and ever and ever. That’s what they want you to do. It never ends, unfortunately it looks like you got taken for a ride. Don’t feel bad it’s happened to all of us at... 
All Pre 1970 Vintage speakers suck! Prove me wrong
You are absolutely correct  
SNAKE OIL! A new TV Show hosted by David Spade
Yep they’re losers, they’re all losers, who are the losers? Everyone! We are all losers. This thread turned into such a mess. You never know what you’re going to get when you ask the general public!  
Reading these posts made me think of an analogy. I think the reason why we’re always tweaking is similar to why we buy new clothing. It’s like “we like the basic system” which would be ‘the person” and then every now and again we “make a tweak” or... 
SNAKE OIL! A new TV Show hosted by David Spade
Well guys it didn’t turn out to be the show I had hoped for. I watched a few minutes of it and it is truly awful. Unfortunately I think that we all are dumber for reading this post that I created. I do think though that they could use cables as an... 
High Fidelity Cables?
@agisthos I am well aware of that but this guy is a chronic business starter/closer. He starts one and then closes it, he started the second one and then he closes it. This is his third shot at that I think. Most people keep just keep involving th... 
High Fidelity Cables?
This is just amazing to me that this guy has a new cable and it’s always better than the last one. It’s just amazing. This guy should be locked up. He’s like a bird of prey he’s flying around in the sky again looking for some more food. I’m so dis... 
Best place to buy Mcintosh Integrated Amp
Here it is https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/650007879-mcintosh-ma-12000-integrated-tubess-amp/      
Best place to buy Mcintosh Integrated Amp
There’s a guy an audio gone who’s been trying to get rid of a 12,000 he has it listed on either here or on US audiomart. It looks like he bought it and then just decided to sell it or maybe he spent too much money that day. I’ll try to find it