OL Silver MKII Anti Skate Setting Question


I also posted this at AA but here it goes:

To OL Silver owners, how much you find the Anti-Skate setting on the arm set to that passes your listening test? I tried Hi-Fi news test record and the balance is at 1 but got a recommendation to set it at 0.5 for a cartridge whose VTF is set at 2 g.

Any thoughts, comments? For what it's worth, table is a Teres 255 running on battery power with Benz Ace M cart and Wright Sound phono preamp.


I set it by ear. If you have the test record, then you can use that. Anti-skating is only an approximate setting anyway, because the need for anti-skating changes from the outside to the inside of the record. Do the best you can.

My sincere thanks for shedding your light to us vinyl newbies seeking the promise land. As always, your advise is deeply appreciated.
Thank you!

Amann,I have the 255/silver arm with shelter 501 and have mine set at 3/4,the green round adjusting slide is set before the no.1....mine sounds real fine at that setting....Good luck...Bill

Thank you very much as well. I will try your suggestion for sure.

To TWL, I meant "advice" not "advise". Sorry for the wrong spelling! My 1st grade teacher (if she's still alive)will be very upset indeed!