Old Pair B&W 804S

Hello, my buddy has an older pair of the matrix 804 speakers. They still sounded pretty good until the cats took care of the grills and the rubber on the woofers. Any suggestions for a suitable pair of reasonably priced woofers that could replace the torn ones?
They are 6.5 inch, 8 ohm, 39mhz.
I was going to check out parts express, any other sites you recommend? I need to get them pulled out yet to measure depth etc.
Yes, contact B&W USA in Boston (North Reading, Mass possibly). Check the website for the address, phone, or email.

This link might work...

They likely have the original replacement woofers or at least a very close substitute. The 6.5 kevlar was on many other models. So was the black passive bass driver if the M804 have those also.

Those nice Matrix cabinets are worth saving.