Old Question, any new responses? Logans and tubes

Can new tube amps like Yaqin, music angel, ... pumping out 60-75 ultra-linear, 30-40 triode run Martin Logan SL3?

You need around 100 wpc to drive the SL3s well. I was using a ARC VT100 to drive mine and it was a good combination. I tried a VS60 and it would not drive them at all. I have also tried bi amping them with two VT100s and this made an improvement over the single VT100. But in the end I did not feel it was worth all the extra tubes. Currently I am using a ARC Ref 110 and I am very happy with this setup.
I agree with Lostbears. The amps you mention will drive the SL3's, but not very well. If you listen at a low volume level, you would be fine, but more power and current is always better with Martin Logans.
Last year I bought a Yaquin amp. I had it all of a week and got rid of it. The build quality was junk. Sure, it had a thick face plate, but once you looked inside, the shortcuts were obvious. It didn't sound that great either. Just thought you should know.
Does anyone else have 1st hand knowledge about these new type tube amps? I appreciate Stereo5 input. However, need more info from AudiogoN nation.

I would think the higher powered amps woule be a better choice;Manleys,vtl's,quicksilvers,and Audiovalve would be on my list.
I run Audiovalve Challanger 180's on my soundlab M2's with excellant results;what is nice with these amps is it allows tube mixing and matching as it is autobias.(el34,6550 and kt88 capable)a nice option for custom sound if you want to play.
I would think the SL3;s would be a good match at least on the panel portion.
Thanks Rleff but are the amps you mentioned good in the 50-70 watt range or do i need their powerhouse models (if they have) in order to run logans?
The challanger amps I think start at 115 watts then progress to 180 watts triode power.
The manleys,vtl, and quicksilver amps I have seen average in the 90 watt range and then progress;there are models with lower power but I personally would not consider anything less than 100 watts to really drive and control the panel of the SL3;maybe a person with this speaker experience will respond to your post as I can only relate the my m2's which are a full range panel which would be similair to the logan cls speaker.

I have owned my SL3s since 1997 and I have tried a lot of different amps with them. They really need 90 to 100 wpc to be driven well. I have tried a 50 wpc amp and they sounded all closed in and a little distorted. They were pushing the amp into clipping. I had a pair of Cary SLMs in my system at one point and that was a nice match. A little more on the tubey side than my ARC. All point to point wiring. The Manley amps are also really nice sounding amps. I have also tried Solid State amps like the PLINIUS SA102. While not bad sounding I really prefer the SL3s with tubes. I also think they sound better with a triode design. My suggestion would be to consider buying used. All the manufacturers that have been mentioned have made some great amps. They can be picked up used for a fraction of the original cost.
What about Jolida Hybrid amp. They are rated at 100wpc, have tube pre and ss power amp? Any thoughts on this route?

Lostbears named a amp I completely forgot about as I had cary Slam 100's on the m2's with 95 watts triode;excellant sound but just was not enough to really control the panel when volumn level was increased; although this is a very good amp;if you can find one with the ultralinear switch which increases power to 160 watts it would be a amp to consider;I also think going used gives you a lot more amp for the money and on resell you don't get beaten up to bad with the $$$$.
Will a mono dynaco 70 tube due the job for a ML SL3. I would get two, one for each speaker. I know they are 35 wpc but heard you can mono them for 70 wpc.