Olive Media 06HD Trouble Shooting

I live near Seattle.  Does anyone know how to trouble shoot an Olive Media 06HD?  The operating system appears to be on the hard drive (lynx?). Someone "sort-of" erased the hard drive; yet, all partitions and files are still there. I only get the "Olive warming up" screen.  The USB system recovery is not working.   I'm not sure if the problem is with the hard drive or with the motherboard.  I'm NOT tech-savy.  Can someone help me, please?  
I owned a 6 and a 3. I could go into a deep dive re all the problems, but not here, too tedious. PM me and we can chat.

The short version: walk away and get a Sony HAP.
Sorry about your troubles. If you do a search on here, you can read all the horrible Olive stories, (mine included).

What you have now is a very expensive paper weight.

You could try this link:  http://www.avsforum.com/forum/153-cd-players-dedicated-music-transports/1091695-official-olive-threa...

It is over 120 pages, but has a lot of info.  These guys kept my 04HD running for awhile.
Thanks for your help and advice.  After many fruitless hours trying to perform a system recovery, I'm giving up and looking for a Sony HAP.

Exactly what I did. And every single day I'm grateful. The HAP is so incredibly good, both in sound and ergonomics. Ignore the Luddite chuckleheads here who have transfer problems, etc. I can help you via pm anytime.

Hint: only transfer 99 folders at a time. That's their main problem.