Omega Mikro Power Strip

Has anyone heard the Omega Mikro Power Strip? Any comparisons to the big name and well reviewed power conditioners?
I had one. It could not compare with the ac filters I was using at the time. They were the Equi=Tech, Sound Application, Velocitor, and Harmonix.

Also given the purist bent of Ron, the strip has very close outlets making it difficult to use all of them.
There is virtually nothing on these anywhere. Did you notice any improvement whatsoever? Was it the Omega Mikro line or the Mapleshade?
It was the OM, but apart from the ac cord, the Mapleshade looks to be the same. I was mainly interested in an extension cord, and it did that exceptionally, if expensively, well. I love OM powercords and this did not detract from their performance.
I use the top of the line Mapleshade power strip, and find it is certainly able to enhance the performance of fixed power cord components from the good old days. I never compared it directly against other power conditioners, but it seems to rival even the more esoteric Quantum Octave 8 power conditioner, which it followed in one system. But, not a back and forth comparison, just overall system listening enjoyment rating.
Because the AC openings on the power strip are close together, the smaller non-hospital type power cord plugs of older components fit more easily between the newer, massive power cord plugs of modern components, so I am able to fully populate the power strip.
i have a a mapleshade delux unit and find it pretty neutral and does not add or subtract and actually this it what one should strive for. It added good bit of foundation when used with some tube amps. tis a bit odd a cheap looking though...i can loan it to you for demo or purchase as im looking at filtration devices and need a strip with an on off switch
Cheap looking? Yes, the Omega Mikro at a good deal more does not look worth it.