On or off or standby ?

Shall i leave my gears on all the time ?
If you can afford the electric, then yes. Tube gear may also need new tubes sooner.

If the gear has a standby setting then use that. They usually are designed to keep that part of the gear warm that takes a long time to warm up. The rest can be off to save power.

On a CD player the front display lights and transport power is usually turned off on standby. The digital DAC part stays on.
There are many threads on this subject I would do a search and puruse thru them and make your own decision. But in general my opinion is if you have a stand-by mode them use that; if not turn it off.

In the lit that came with the last Pass amp I bought, Pass himself stated that he wasn't sure if the amp would last longer on all of the time or switched on only for use. Of course, he also claimed that his amps would last a long time either way. He's probably right. As for tubes, there's no way I'm living my tube amps on ... way too hot. Just not going to do it.