One box cdp's vs. seperates

Am curious about preferences regarding benefits of very good single box players, vs. very good seperates. Hppothetically, if you could choose either, what would you choose, and which componants? Thanks, Larry.
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I have found two - the AudioAero Capitole and the AudioMeca Mephisto II. They are both better than the separates that I have had. I have had the dCS, Levinson, etc.

They are amazing!
Its really a matter of personal preference these days as there are several one box CD players that hold their own easily against separates. In many cases one box players have an advantage with no need for digital interconnect, lower jitter, and less clutter while still producing outstanding sound. I sold my separates and now use a one box solution from Cary. They call the CD-306/200 a Transport/Processor with 8 24-bit Burr Brown DACs and PMD-200 digital filter. Works great, sounds awesome, and saves equipment rack space!
i have not yet heard better 16/44 than thru my linn cd-12. in the current Positive Feedback magazine David Robinson echos my opinion. he prefers the cd-12 to any other one-box, separate DAC or upsampler/oversampler. he believes you need good sacd to best the cd-12 (and i agree with him).

i have heard that the Audio Aero Capital 192/24 might be one to consider but i have not yet heard it.
Several years ago I chose The Absolute Sound's favorite one-box machine; the EAD Ultradisc 2000. I'm favorably impressed with Pacific Microsonic's 20-bit HDCD decoder which even renders improved performance from 16-bit redbook discs. There is likely something better available by now but I'm still happy with what I have, & with no interest in SACD I haven't felt any need to upgrade since 2-channel is my only preference. The U2000 is now available used for $1K to $1.5K at most; they discontinued it only because of the HT market demands. The newer Rowland-like microbuffed faceplate is gorgeously eye-catching as well.