One box music server solution with i2s output

This subject has been visited before, but the last posts were a couple years back and I am hoping there may have been some new products that would meet my needs/wants.

Is there a one box solution for a music server with an is2 output that is Roon compatible? Right now I use a Roon Nucleus usb out > Matrix Audio X-SPDIF3 (as a ddc) i2s out > Audio GD R8 MK2 dac. 

The posts from a couple years ago mentioned a couple units, the best of which for my needs is the Wyred 4 Sound MS. But it is about 5 years since it was released and I'm hoping that someone else has tried to fill this niche with a new product.



I'm sure it has been less than a couple of years since I last pointed out how foolish it was to pick your equipment by whether it has I2S or not.

Hifi Rose RS130 Network Transport has full suite of outputs including I2S via HDMI. I have one on order after having had my dealer's demo unit for a week long home audition. The RS130 is Roon ready and I used it as a Roon endpoint.  Although it has provision for adding internal storage (compartment for installing SSD on the bottom of the unit), I wouldn't categorize it as a server because I believe any storage that was installed would be dedicated to the RS130. I thought the unit demonstrated a marked improvement over my already very competent Bricasti M5, which itself demonstrated a marked improvement over using my Roon Nucleus with Sbooster LPS as server/streamer.  I intend to use the Rose I2S into my Rockna Wavelight.  I will continue to use the SSD installed on my Nucleus for music stored locally. Rose supports a couple of different I2S pin outs, including the PS Audio Format.  In terms of what I consider true Roon compatible Server/Streamers, I know that Antipodes has some very high end kit with I2S.

Thanks for the suggestions, but both the Hi-Fi Rose and PS audio units would just replace the Matrix Audio I'm using as a ddc now. They do offer more features, but nothing I want or need. It would not reduce the box count.

I'm surprised that there so few options for a Roon core/server with an i2s output. 


In that case think you need to look at something more like the Antipodes, but at a much higher price point.