Onkyo 805 set up help, please

I set all my speakers at 80hz and the sub also at 80hz. Using coaxial digital ouput from my Pioneer Elite DVD, when playing CDs, for two channel STEREO ,there no sub-woofer output signal only L/R. When playing DVDs in DD or DTS, the Sub-woofer is activated. How can I listen to 2 channel CDs with my sub-woofer activated?
I think you need to choose a HT playback setting on the receiver when playing the CD player. If you choose 2 channel audio it will literally play 2 channels, even if on the HT setup you indicate you have a subwoofer.

So try choosing something like "Concert Hall" or Theater Sound, etc, etc, and see if the subwoofer works.

Are you running the CD player out of the analog outputs, or are you using the digital output stream? This may also have an affect.

I use the run a (REL) subwoofer both ways. For movies it would feed off the subwoofer preout. I also had the REL connect by the main speaker wire connection, so the sub would work when playing 2 channel audio.

Do you have the Onkyo manual? They are available online.
Hello Andrew,

I have an Onkyo 605 which contains many of the same features as the 805. I had a problem with the sub not kicking in on my analog sources. The problem was that the output volume of the Onkyo was too low to activate the sub.

Onkyo has a feature called Intellivolume so that each input can be adjusted to have the same relative volume level.

You have to switch to your CD Source input on the Onkyo (mine is also on digital coax on the DVD input). Then go to the "Source Setup" menu (number 4 on my menu) and click on the IntelliVolume function. Then scroll right to see the setting, which should be at 0. Increase to about +6 and then go back and see if the sub kicks in. Mine did. But I think I was using the Multi-channel modes and my front speakers are full range. So I'm not totally sure what will happen for the "stereo" mode with the fronts crossed at 80Hz. Also be aware that the relative volume level for that input will be higher once you do this so turn down the volume a bit to start.

But I would try the above just to see. I have to say that listening to stereo CDs in the 5.l modes is a cool experience. My faves are: Dolby PLIIx "Orchestra" and "Unplugged," and "All Channel Stereo" is worth trying too. The sonic purity of the processor is excellent.

If all else fails, you can contact Onkyo customer support by phone during 9am-5pm EST M-F at: 800-229-1687. Good Luck!
I have the Onkyo SR-TX703, which is pretty similar to the 805. According to the manual, in STEREO mode, sound is only output by the front L & R speakers. To get the sub to come on, you will need to select a DSP mode like DPL-IIx music. But this will also send output to your surround speakers.

If you want to use the subwoofer with STEREO mode, you will need to run the sub off of the front L & R speaker outputs.

Thanks guy. After increasing the input volume up to +2db, the 805 sounds pretty good for the money. Little hot but no POP, no sparks...It may be a keeper for my HT for a while.