Onkyo TX-NR609: Connecting DVD player to Zone 2 Question

Hello AV experts,

I have an Onkyo TX-NR609 A/V receiver. I can't get my DVD player (Pioneer HTZ-424DVD) to work on zone 2. I am using RCA (Red and white) cables for my connection. (Line out of my receiver and line in over my DVD player.)

Just followed this manual: https://www.intl.onkyo.com/downloads/manuals/pdf/tx-nr609_manual_e.pdf

Take note, I didn't hook up the video output on my DVD player since I'll just use it as an "amplifier" for my speakers which are connected to it, so I don't need a display.

What I am trying to accomplish here, is to get the speakers connected to the dvd player to play the same audio on PC, GAME and CBL/SAT channels from the receiver using zone 2. Is this even possible with my receiver?

Another note: PC, GAME and CBL/SAT channels are all connected via HDMI cables.

To see the configurations and settings I did, kindly refer to the images below:

https://ibb.co/0KwSSCs - LCD Display settings
https://ibb.co/KGTm7Wn - DVD connections
https://ibb.co/GJPPxv0 - PC, GAME and CBL/SAT back port connections
https://ibb.co/26gDbQF - Receiver zone 2 connections
https://ibb.co/CM9b4Sc - speaker settings

I hope you guys can assist me regarding this matter.

Thanks in advance!

Aaron Chichioco
According to the TX-NR609 manual page 62,
Only analog input sources are output from the ZONE 2 LINE
OUT L/R jacks and ZONE 2 L/R terminals. Digital input
sources are not output. If no sound is heard when an input source is selected, verify that the source is connected to an analog input.
You need to connect PC, GAME and CBL/SAT channels analog audio outputs to the TX-NR609 via RCA (Red and white) cables to make it work.