open/energetic but not harsh? what am i describing

hi guys, long story short, i loved the energy and openness of the b&w n805's but i couldnt stand the harshness of the metal tweeter after extended listening... so i need to replace them with something that is equally airy/open but a lot smoother

i've been demoing speakers but its been hard to find something similar.. i think the fact that the 805's have the tweeter out in the open like that, contributes a lot to their great imaging and open sound

i need some guidance as to what speakers i should look into... most of the speakers ive tried so far do sound smoother, but have that boxy/recessed sound and are not nearly as airy as the 805's

any advice is appreciated, thanks
Are you sure that you want diffent speakers rather than different upstream components (pre-amp/amp). Knowledge of your other equipment/cabling would be most helpful in recommending something that would resolve your issues.
I think Mcfarland has a good point. I own CM7's which have the Nautilus tube loaded tweeter. I was running new 2 channel Rotel seperates and wanted to jam a screwdriver into the tweeters every time I listened to music. I finally got to the point where I couldn't take it any longer, and sold off the Rotel gear and bought a Rogue Cronus Magnum tube integrated. I didn't even recognize my speakers after that. Problem completely solved. every last bit of my music sounds great now, where I was previously picking only the music that was produced perfectly. I was shocked and can honestly say that I think I'm ok for five years now.
Check out the Dynaudio lineup. Personally I have the C1's with a Rel B3 sub and couldn't be happier. I can listen for many hours only wanting to hear just 1 more song - one more cd. Oops now it 2 am and I have to go to work at 7am.

I've checked out many but not all other speaker brands and when I heard the C1's I stopped looking/listening. No regrets at all.
Mcfarland & Donjr, thanks for the input but i'm fairly positive i want to switch speakers... ive tried tube/ss amps like audio research/mcintosh but ive come to the conclusion that these are not the speakers i want to keep

Xti16, im going to try and demo some dynaudios, thanks for the advice. have you heard b&w nautilus series? if so, how would you say they compare?