opera cd 120 LINEAR and raysonic cd128

hi i am now using the opera
would it be an upgrade if i buy the raysonic cd 128
could you please inform me if you have used either or both of the players
thanks a lot norman
I have had a Raysonic CD 128 for approximately two years and like it a lot. Never heard an Opera unit. Dave
Like Dopogue, I can't comment on the Opera. I recently picked up a used Raysonic 128. It replaced a Rega Apollo. No contest to my ears. I haven't tried tube rolling yet but I will soon.
I also have the Raysonic CD128 and it's the best I've had. It is underrated in my opinion, (probably the odd name, exotic looks w/ blue lighting and it's pedigree are to blame for its lack of stature in the high end). But if more of us heard it they would be sold. If you see one in the classifieds I recommend going for it.