Opera Tebaldi

Did any of you have had any direct experience with Opera Tebaldi speakers?
They are quite unusual and I was wondering whether they are a difficult speaker to position within a room with all those drivers.
Thanks in advance.
I have them on my floor.
Yes, they deserve a big room with all those drivers. I have them at least 4 feet from back and sides, slightly toe in for best sound. Spread them at least 8.5ft apart.
Sorry to bring this thread back from dead, but I am still considering the Tebaldi as a strong contender.

Audiomax, in your experience, can a TV be set between these two speakers? And, with all those tweeters do they focus well enough for HT purposes - my guess is that no center channel is applicable to these kind of speakers- ?
My living room is not acustically treated but it's large enough, I believe. One speaker's front baffle near corner, 4' from side and 5' from back wall.
What's your opinion?
Thank you.
I heard and measured this speaker extensively. it would be nice speaker but top octave is WAY too much hot. even with tweeter set to min position. I didnt noticed that theei overpower room, bass is tight and clear. speaker is also very nice estheticaly.
Insanely Great ! I have got them today out of the box (brand new)and my jaws dropped. Sounds seriously beautiful,musical and phoneminal.