Opinions audio and video on the Cary DVD-6?

I've actually just purchased a lightly used unit, and am anticipating using it as both a DVD and CD player (filling my need for the former and replacing my Rega Planet 2000 for the latter). I am interested in opinions from those who have used (or are using) the Cary. Listening impressions, especially as they relate to tweaks/synergistic associated interconnects/cables, and viewing impressions are all welcome.

Thanks in advance!

I'm also considering buying a Cary DVD-6 to use as both a CD and DVD player, so I'd be interested in your impressions, particularly of the Redbook CD playback. It's received a very good review from Secrets: http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/cgi-bin/shootout.cgi?function=search&articles=all&type=DVD+Player&manufacturer=0&maxprice=4000&deInt=0&mpeg=0#Cary%20AudioDVD-6

I've considered some more expensive players like the Esoteric DV-50 or perhaps the Lexicon RT-10, but I have no interest in DVD-A or SACD, so they seem like overkill. Also the RT-10 seems to have a number of problems as a DVD player, although audio playback is supposed to be excellent. Denon's seem quite good for video, but I'm not sure about the audio quality.

Love to hear some impressions of the DVD-6, since it seems like a very good middle ground. Thanks,

I own the DVD-6 along with the Cary Cinema 5 amp and Cinema 6 preamp. I got a good package deal with the DVD player so I went for it largely to be an 'in the family' CD player. I already had an upconverting DVD player (Samsung) that I was happy with for my projector.

I run the DVD-6 via bypass mode on the Cinema 6, and its every bit as good as advertized on Redbook CD. I think the upconversion really works as it has a fuller SACD sort of sound IMO. It sounds very right through the spectrum and obviously blows away the humble ES9000 I was using before.
Since I also read the review you reference I was pretty much expecting this, and it turned out that the reviewers comments were right on the money.

My biggest surprise was hooking it up for DVD. It far outperformed by uprezzing DVD player with more dimensionality, better contrast and a sharper picture. When I've later used the old Samsung I was so happy with before, I can barely tolerate the pictue anymore. It looks like a grainy, washed out blur fest by comparison.

On DVD's (DVD+R) that I burn myself, unfortunately I have to still use the Sammy since the DVD-6 seems to have problems playing through many of those discs. I guess I should try the -R to see if it makes a difference.

The other negative I notice is some occasional pixalation of detail, and diagonal line roughness that I didn't have with the Faroudja based Samsung. But these are only noticeable on occasion, and as I say, I only go back to the Samsung when I absolutely have to with homegrown DVD's. The Cary just slays it overall for video performance (and obviously Audio).

I love the economy of having it in my system, since the three Cary pieces are all I need for exceptional 2 channel music and home theater audio in a single system.

Obviously I don't have experience with the exotic DVD players, but FWIW the DVD-6 has defintely bested my expectations.