Opinions on the Mcintosh C500T?

Hey, just wondering what people who have experience with the C500T think about it. I've got mine on the way as its been ordered. I geuss just wondering is it worth it? Also is there anything special I should know about it. I'm looking forward to the phono stage as I have the MT10. I'm really bored now as I have no system to it and the MC2301's get here. might as well talk about it to pass the time.

3 weeks living with C500T. My first impression...it looks so cool during the day and at night when I do most of my serious listening. Even my 13 year old daughter commented "Dad your new equipment looks cool."

C500T has remarkable clarity, depth, and details with focused images of the music. Dead quite component. You really notice piano notes and cymbal decay which I've repeated on several tracks because they sound so live like.

I have a below average listening room but there was no lack of three-dimensionality soundstage in my smallish room. Instruments (drums, piano, guitar, percussion) have lots of air and separation. The bottom-end has weight to it that challenges my idea of upgrading to larger fullrange loudspeaker...but only on certain CDs.

This past weekend I played Dire Straits "On Every Street" track 4 "Fade to Black." Wow!! Knopfler's voice and guitar simply amazing and the drummers brushes and cymbal work you can hear front-to-back in the soundstage. Knopfler voice is so well defined and focused..very live like. So much depth in the soundstage on that song.

I've been traveling every other week. If you need additional info just email me offline.

Thats very good to hear. I've never owned mc stuff til recently so I am just worried. From the sound of what you described, I'm going to love it. Knopfler is the best... My power should be done tomorrow and then waiting on stands, Hope to be listening by next week end.

Hi Pierre

Sounds like the 500T is a winner. Are your comments relative to the C46 you had before? Or did you have a different preamp before your 500T? Just trying to figure out what your reference point is. Thanks

My reference was the C46. I also considered:

McIntosh C2300
Aesthetix Calypso Signature (Did not audition)
Should get mine hooked up tonight, can't wait, will post some feedback once I listen a bit.
Does anyone out there know the differences between the new McIntosh C500 and the C1000, they look the same to me. Are there many sonic differences, I was wondering why McIntosh came out with the C500. Just Curious

Mitch I asked that same question.

Checked the manuals and they are the same. The output stages are the same and the schematics look the same. I do not have TT so you need to ask Rick (Mac Temptation) about the sonics.

C1000 has more "Kwel" visual presentation (3D glass, metal remote, branding on the top of components). Packaging is also a bit different you get the components wrapped in a valet type of material once you get it out of of the outstanding boxed set.
I am waiting on UPS to deliver mine (C1000P) today. I will post feedback later. Looking at Mac's new website both units (1000 and 500) are oh so identical. Sonics are what really matters to me. Yes, the cosmetics are nice, but it's the music that is essential. I will do some research on these units, I am very curious as to why the C500 was built, my first guess is less cost.
Put your VP of Marketing hat on Mitch.

C500 was built as a more reachable product for "audiophiles" like myself that feel the C1000T is out of their price range.

BTW...nice system. I will post several question on your thread regarding your tweaks with tubes and PC.
I think the 1000 weighs a good bit more than the 500. I just got my C500T hooked up with the mc2301's and 802d's. Man this is nice. I need to get some listening in now and get the placement right on the speakers but so far so good with only a couple hours in. Starting to storm now here so I unplugged all as my power conditioners from shunyata haven't arrived.

The C1000 differently weighs more...not sure why it maybe the 3D glass front it's almost 3" thick. I don't think the transformers are larger.

Which Shunyata the VRay or Hydra 8?

Congrats on the MC2301 and C500T.

I have new tubes coming in for the C500T. I'll let you know how the tube rolling goes and if it improves the sonics.
Finally received the C1000P, I replaced my Cary SLP-05, it took me a while to figure out how to program the thing, a bit frustrating at times, I was leaning on past intellect, however once I sat down and took time to fully read the manual, I finally got music, and oh what joy that filled my soul. This is the preamp of preamps, I thought I would miss the tube sound, however, the C1000 still has sort of a tube sound, the sound stage is much more encompassing, imaging has fine tuned to a point of realism, very airy. Now the part that blew me away is the noise factor; there is none, "nothing" total silence, everything is clear as a bell, no sibilance, no edginess, a piano sounds like a piano, a horn like a horn, etc. The dynamics are stunning, I heard voices like never before, you could tell when a soloist turned their heads, a very moving experience. The overall synergy of the C1000 and the MC501 is stunning, especially coupled with the Nova Physics Memory Player Transport and the Esoteric D70 DAC, I am hearing music like never before experienced. My plans are to audition the new Nova Physics Memory Player tube/dac next month. This what I am talking about, I am finally listening to complete music, not a hint of electronics, just music. All this and I have yet to hear the C1000 fully broken in. McIntosh has to be one of the best (IMHO)
Great to here Mitch.

Yes the noise factor is dead quite on my C500T as well. The dynamics are stunning even at low levels listening to Dave Weckl drum patterns late last night. I have to agree on the piano observation...sounds real with longer decay and depth.

Try spinning Dire Straits On Every Street...airy spacious sound stage, details, transparency, depth, breathy. Really incredible recording...and this is coming from my two-way with smallish soundstage.

Congrats again on the C1000.
Got my TT ready for action now. I ordered a milty zap gun for static and its in so I look forward to testing this phono stage this weekend.

Just so you all know...... The main difference between the McIntosh C1000 and C500 Pre Amp comes into play if you purchase "all" three C1000 components, namely the Solid State and Tube units. The C1000 Controller has lavish circuitry so one can "toggle" between the Solid State and Tube units on the fly. If you only purchase the SS or Tube unit you gain virtually nothing in performance over the lesser priced but as equally amazing sounding C500 Pre Amp. The C500 was designed to be used as a two piece Pre Amp whereas the C1000 was truly designed as a three piece setup. I just wish McIntosh would have included the same 3D Glass front panel on the C500 as on the C1000, to me that really finishes the Fabulous Look of this Pre Amp. But that is Matketing at its best or should I say worst. :-) I hope this answers your most of your questions. Sincerely. Dr. Edwin A. Owen.
My biggest problem with the C500T wasn't that it was not a very capable pre. I enjoyed it very much but am a bit flustered that I spend all that money on a pre and they send it to me with tubes that are worthless. I couldn't even play phono with my stock tubes they were so noisy. Then I start on the tube roll marathon to find out that it was hard to find a tube that not only sounded great but wouldn't mess up timing and detail. I eventually found some that did but man it was just not what I expected looking back. I've moved on now to the BAT REX pre and it has multiple tubes and no need for rolling at all. It's perfect. They do make a optional tube pkg but its not an upgrade and should only be used if there is some sort of synergy problem.