Oppo 203 is not replaying 4k DVDs while Panasonic UB900 is with same setup

I bought a Oppo 203 as an upgrade from my previous 103 for playing 4k materials. But it is not playing anything when I am setting display to anything above 1080P Auto. Oppo is not able to lock to the DVD content, fails to show Video, only plays Audio, but breaking up every 10 seconds annoyingly.
My Project is JVC DLA-X790, which is 4k capable, the Audio processor is Theta Cassablanca, also 4k capable. I am using CAT6 cable with HDMI converter to connect Oppo to Projector. The same set up with the exact same equipment and cable, Panasonic DMP-UB900 is playing 4k just fine. 
Can't figure out what the issue maybe. Will greatly appreciate any help! Hopefully I am missing something in Oppo Setup. If that's not the case, then I have to return this, which will be really sad.
I find many DVD players are problematic...I have the Denon  3800 BDCI BluRay player and it freezes...yet the audio continues.....this unit originally sold for about $2000....