Oppo BDP-103 vs UDP-203 audio only

I have a 3 year old OPPO Digital BDP-103 player that is still absolutely perfect.  Love it.  I use it for HT, digital coaxial audio for music and for multi-channel SACDs via its HDMI output.  Performs flawlessly.  However I'm thinking of selling it here on Audiogon and upgrading to the UDP-203 primarily for improved audio performance.  The new 203 has upgraded improved internal DACs.  The 103 has the Cirrus Logic CS4382A 24-bit, 114dB 192kHz PCM &  proprietary unlisted DSD value dacs & the 203 uses AKM AK4458VN 115dB 32-bit 768kHz PCM and 11.2 MHz DSD dacs).  I don't have native 4K TVs and have no interest in upgrading to that format. Has anyone upgraded to the UDP-203 strictly for audio performance only and has compared both units?   
   Your 103 is "absolutely perfect" and "performs flawlessly" and you "love it." Have you heard the new 103? Even if someone can answer your question and has heard both units, it is just anecdotal and opinion.Technical  Improvements on paper don't necessarily mean better sound. The only way to really know is to hear the new unit yourself. 
Have you thought about upgrading your 103 to a linear power supply?  This will be a significantly better result than just a stock 203.  Though, a 203 with linear power supply would be best.  Look at the OPPOMOD website.
This type of thread returns periodically. Especially with Oppo players.

The note above on getting the PS upgraded is quite good. Most all upgrades in what ever gear begin there.

The second idea I’d remind someone of is keeping up with the times.

I’ve found in many instances, having it and not needing it is better than needing it and not having it. Eg., BDP 205. Not 203. Or latest 100 series if money is tuff. . do the PS later.


Thanks folks.  Greatly appreciate the feedback.  I wasn't aware of the linear power supply upgrades.  Will look into that.  Thanks.  Scorpio1951, you're so right that just because the specs show improvement, does't mean it sounds any better.  Could actually be worse.  The 203 seems to be more focused on the video circuitry than audio.  THANKS again.  
If you only want audio then Oppo Sonica DAC. I have both a 203 and Sonica DAC. 
I’m going to be honest about the 103, which I own.   It has never floored me with its audio quality.  I love the video features and quality there, but I use it as a transport for audio to an external DAC.  It is a great Tidal streamer but the internal dac just doesn’t do it for me.  In my system it is flat and without emotion. And that is probably the way it should be, since the 105 is the better audio performance model.    If you’re looking at the UDP 203, I think you should look at the 205 if audio is your primary concern.   I would not buy the 203 after trying the 103 for audio sound.  They focus on the higher end model for good audio  and give the lower model  less high end sound. But that said, I haven’t tried the 203  so maybe it is an upgrade. 
Thanks kurtis & mward for your input.  Will look at the Oppo Sonica DAC and mward, you're right.  Thanks.