Oppo/something else as a Processor


Recently my Parasound New Classic 7001 blew up, so I thought I would just hook up the 7.1 analogue outs from the Oppo 103D directly into the power amp, because I read that it can be used for this.

After a bit of subwoofer tweaking, much to my amazement the Oppo 103D actually sounded better in all aspects, than going through the Parasound.

As Oppo is discontinued, would anyone know if something other than 103D, or a different manufacturer offers the same feature? I inquire because eventually the Oppo will break, and I would like to have some thoughts as to what to do when that happens.

I may be interested in 4K or Atmos, in several years, but right now I am quite happy with what I have. My sound has arrived at a space which I no longer feel the need to pursue anything different.

You might look for a used 105, 105D, or 205.  The Oppo designations that end in 5 have audio processing superior to those that end in 3, although the video is the same.  

I've been using my 205 directly to a 300-watt NAD M22 Class D amp to drive KEF LS50s with excellent result.  In the process of downsizing I discovered I have a 95, 105, and 105D in addition to the 205.
I use a 105D as a processor, and like you I've looked for an alternative, mostly because I'm looking ahead to 4K and don't want to pay the current prices for a 205.  I've found nothing - there doesn't seem to be a contemporary equivalent.  Not sure what I'll do when the time comes. 
It will be  very tough to find a brand  new universal player that  has the five analog jacks. Even the  new Pioneer Elite UDP-LX500 does not have them. The selling prices for Oppp 205's is now in the thousand of dollars on the secondary  sites so that is getting  crazy.

Yamaha makes sort of a "universal player", the Yamaha AVENTAGE BD-A1060. It does not play DVD-A but does have balanced XLR connections, but only one HDMI output. It is under $500.

Denon has a similar prices unit as well, but no balanced XLR connections... DBT-1713UD . 

I first had a  BDP -95 and then upgraded to a  gently used BPD-105, which I  got for $700 here. Many other posters have listed companies that will refurbish and supercharge your Oppo player.

It is on my bucket list to do that to my 105.

Folks have recommended this site as they do a tube modification.

This is a review of the above mentioned modification.

Here is another one.

There are a couple others sites, which I did not  bookmark, so maybe other members can  post the links.