Oppo UDP-205 Purchases Through Magnolia Design Center Atlanta Issue

I was just informed by Allen, member allenone973 that my recently purchased Oppo UDP-205 is not currently available as promised and I have the option of waiting until June for a possible shipment. They will keep my payment until then to insure that I “stay in the queue”. If you have not gotten an update or confirmation of a shipment you may want to contact them for more information. I don’t plan on letting them keep my payment in hopes of a June shipment.
I would normally let an established company keep it because it's not that long, but I would be concerned in this case since Oppo is going out of business.
I dont believe Oppo is going out of business per se, just getting out of the audio/video business.

Oppo is the 4th largest cell phone maker in the world with yearly sales of 100 million units.