optical or coaxial ? your thoughts on Monster

what are your thoughts about coaxial vs optical audio cables which one is betteris there a difference? and how monster cable rated. I have MIT's for my LRC speakers. The MiT's were give to me by a friend and I could not afford anything as expensive as the MIT's so I am considering Monster.
Generally, coaxial connection is preferred over toslink because of digital jitter concerns. I personally have not heard differences switching between the two though.

Monster produces good product and fantastic marketing, which helps explain the higher price. Monster also features RCA connectors that grip the jack so tightly you may experience damage to jacks that are not chassis mounted. I would recommend one of the smaller manufactuers that don't market the hell out of their products: BetterCables, VH Audio, RS Audio are all excellent (and affordable) options that may serve you alot longer than entry level Monster Cable
Monster cables are excellent cables, not a lot of hype, and a good solid value for your $$. I've owned many and compared some others, and you cannot beat them for the price. Their speaker cables in particular are excellent, as are their digital cables.
For digital signals, coaxial is ALWAYS a better choice than Optical!
Good morning Cj. This is a very researchable topic, both here and on Audio Asylum. I've used the Monster optical and you can do much better for the money. For optical, the best I've used is the Van den Hul Optocoupler and I currently use a MAS Digital Reference coax. I can also recommend Signal Cable Silver and copper digital coax cables. If you do buy a Monster optical cables, buy the cheaper 100 series not the 200, they sound the same even though the 200 looks to be better built.
I second the van den Hul Optocoupler as the best value for money digital cable.

This is possibly the best TosLink cable money can buy and it is also better than many more expensive coax cables.
I would stay away from the Monster optica & Coax.
In an optical connection there are more conversions & a coax is more reliable.
I agree ... send Frank an email at signalcable.com and he will hook you up (no pun intended) OR better yet wait a couple of weeks and look for a used Silver Resolution here on Agon. I bought two so far and just love them ... The Analog one/two stuff will give the budget Monster cables a serious run for the money and they are built here in the US. Better build, better service, better value. Lot's of used stuff here $20-$40. I like the Eichmann bullet option. Worth the extra $$$. If you dont like a particular signal cable - post it and sell. You wont loose a dime. It's given me the freedom to try several different combinations.

In regards the the optical vs coaxial ... lots and lots of past posts. Many will lead you to good info on the WEB. I am sticking with coax for short runs I ran optical from my PC to the AV rack (50 ft. plus)

Hope this helps ...
Mt10425 you are right and for give me for being lazzy, I wont be so lazzy again.Thank you for your time and your answer this AM. As always you are very knoledegable.cj
Cj-I didn't mean to infer any laziness on your part, just that there is a truckload of information available in case you want more info than what the handfull of us provide here. Happy hunting and enjoy.
I agree with some of the previous posters. Buy cables from a small manaufacturer, not a big corporate Monster than has a huge marketing budget. How much extra does Moster have to charge in order to pay for advertising and the naming rights to that stadium out in San Francisco?

If you really want to go optical, I would suggest the glass toslink sold here:


It is cheaper than most other quality toslink cables and it has received some excellent reviews/comments over the years. I bought one and it is very nice for the price.

If you choose coax, I too would suggest e-mailing Frank at SignalCable. He is a good guy selling a quality product for a reasonable price.