Oracle MA-X Phono Cable

Hello Agons.

I have auditioned this very wonderful phono cable and frankly i could not find
any contender for this phono cable in terms of performance in clarity , imaging , thickness , details and refinement.

I have tried cardas clear and element phono cable which does not come even close to this Oracle MAX Phono Cable. This is a complete cable which delivers everything i have wanted.

I still believe that there is a phono cable out there to match this MAX so i might
not need to swallow the $ 8,500 SRP for this Oracle MAX Phono Cable.

My system are as follows :

Cart - Ortofon Mc anna
Preamp - EAR 912 using built in Phono Section
Amp - Burmester 912
TT - Oracle Delphi VI
Speaker - Dynaudio Temptation
Cables - MIT Oracle MAX interconnect & Speaker Wire

Suggestions are highly appreciated.
Good cables, especially on phono applications make a difference. And even more so with lower output MC's.

Others I've tried and used with GREAT results are the Purist Audio Designs Proteus Provectus Praesto and currently I am using the Transparent Audio Reference XL MM2.

Both are considerably less money. Both companies also have phono cables in the same price range as the Oracle Max you mention...

However, when say match the oracle max..everything else will be different...match only another Oracle Max will likely do that...