Origin Live Turntable Belt

@slaw I realize your Original Post is Old but it compelled me to Order a couple of Belts from Origin Live. I used one today for the first time, and I wish to Thank You!

I was in a Bad Way with my Turntable, and I was seriously thinking of disposing of it. In the USA, there are only Two Options for obtaining a Belt for this Table. I tried the one Option, and the Belts were a waste of Money. The other Option is from the Manufacturer of the Table who has increased the Belt Price from $170.00 to $250.00. I bought one previously for $170.00 with a large gulp, and it was time for a Replacement.

I had a New Original Belt from this Manufacturer, which was not the New Fangled Type at $170.00, and which is now $250.00. I have always felt the Old Version performed better than the New Version but they are Unobtainable now. I wish that I had Ordered 10 of them Years ago.

I love the Table, but I also get nervous if I do not have Spare Belts here.

Cutting a long story short, I ordered 2 Custom Lengths from Origin Live. Like you in your older Post, I let it run for 1 1/2 Hours and then started to listen. I listened to several favorite LP’s that I am very familiar with, and like you I was blown away.

Thanks to you, I have found a new Reference Belt for my Turntable at a Realistic Cost with Superb Performance.

I will also be thanking Origin Live directly for being there for me, and for producing a Highly Recommendable Product to anyone reading this Post.