Original Audible Illusions Modulus question

Hi all,

I recently purchased an original Audible Illusions Modulus preamp and have been trying to determine if it is phase inverting. As I'll be going to pick it up at the Post Office today and play with it all weekend it would be nice to hook up things correctly the first time. I realize I can try things both ways, but...

Also, any insights you guys might have about this preamp will be appreciated as it comes without owners manual and the manufacturer's website doesn't offer much help with this piece. I believe it was made about 1982. It has a tube mm phono stage and no outboard power supply. The power cord is didicated. Tubes, tweaks and cautions are the advice I'm looking for. Thanks in advance for your help.

I have not known any of the Modulus preamps not be phase inverting. Without a cathose follower, the will invert phase.
As for tubes, look on the Audible web sight. Art cautions you about certain NOS tubes. The Modulus is hard on tubes so you need ones that will hold up for a while. Kevin at Upscale Audio sells some Russian 6H23EB Type III's that work real well. Good balance between sound and hold up well.
If in doubt, call Art Ferris or e-mail him at af@audibleillusions.com
I know the 2C did invert phase. Reaching AI is a chore.
Call Audio Connections in Verona, NJ. You can find them at
www.audioshopper.com too. I believe it is their site. When I had problem with my Audible Illusions I sent it into them. Service was fast and John is always pleasant and helpul.

A very good phono stage and it is very hard on tubes. It requires them to be of very good quality with AI specs.

Thanks for the input guys. It sounds way better inverting the speaker leads. I really don't have a problem with replacing the tubes as often as has been indicated. I view it as normal maintenance like changing the oil in my car. I pulled the top and the board indicates it is a Modulus II and manufactured in '85. Amazing. Everything is really quiet. No noise in the switches or controls. Luckily for me a local friend has a large selection of tubes for me to try, a couple of tube testers and is willing to give me an education on such issues. Thanks again.