Ortofon Anna or Transfuration Proteus?

I am now using SPU Gold cartridge with Ortofron 309 tonearm and Garrard 301 turntable, together with a Bob's Device SUT to Shindo Monbrison preamp.

I am considering upgrading the cartridge to either Ortofon Anna or Transfuration Proteus, looking for higher resolution and separation, more dynamic and air, and better tonal colour. (...am I asking to much?)

Much appreciated for your input.

You can roll the dice between your selection. A "good" Cartridge should have the following abilities:
*Integrated sound top to bottom.
*Tonally neutral.
*Superior ambient detail retrieval.
*The music "breathes". It has an exceptional ability to capture the increase and decrease of the sound pressure of the human voice.
*Excellent transient response.
*All the above produces a very realistic and open presentation.

Neither Anna or Proteus have those abilities, not even one from the lines above. They may have other abilities, but right now, I do not know which ones
i don't think there is anything better than Atlas....I would be very pleased with Aetna also.
Thank you for your suggestions on Lyra Atlas. I would really like to have it but it's too expensive for me. :-(