Otari MTR-10 MKII

Hello Open Tape lovers,
I am having the above Tape Machine, and am thinking about building the R-R tapes collection. I would like to have some feed back from someone who is familiar with the machine. Do you think it is worth it to hire a tech to restore the machine? How good is it sound compare to Teac-1000X or Akai 747? Mine is 2 tracks.

I owned a Otari 5050blll which I loved after owning revoxb77 teac4010 and a few others throughout the years

and can say the Otari will sound better but the real difference would be in tape handling compared to consumer decks, it is very gentle and first class which is important when your spending big money for tapes.

If it functions properly you may get more bang for your buck by wiring the heads direct out to a tape pre instead of rebuilding the inner electronics, but its your choice. I enjoyed the Otari but sold it and currently use a Sony APP5003.

As far as tapes go the current tapes being produced sound like nothing else, Tape Project,Acousic Sounds,Music Direct all sell great sounding first class packaged tapes one of my favorites is https://www.internationalphonographinc.com/master-tape-copies/

they sell at reasonable prices and will get your collection going fast, and they sound great.

My 2 cents

@baranyi Thanks I am reading the tape head now.
@russe41 Thanks for the link. It seem reasonable price wise compared to Tape Project. How is the sound quality compare to Tape Project Tapes?

Sound quality is very good, some being better than others like any other tape producer.

Tapes are not as mainstream usually but that is what makes it interesting.

Go to this link and go to the sticky "The Best of the Best" for the best sounding tapes.