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Was my friend given misinformation.
From long ago, an integrated amp is a receiver without the tuner. That being said there are integrated and there are integrated, you can spend 1k on a NAD or 38000 on the CH-Precision  I1 Universal Integrated Amplifier, both integrated but not ... 
Re-tipped stylus vs original manufacturer
I recently had an Ortofon Quintet Black rebuilt with new cantilever on down from Soundsmith but have yet to install and listen.  it looks as good as new but until I hear it I can't speak on it, will check back.  
Why no interest in reel to reel if you're looking for the ultimate sound?
Get a listen to  Bill Evans: Waltz for Debby or any other of the great titlesand you will wean yourself off of vinyl. Here are the better sounding ones. 
Want to get into Analog
How about getting into  the ultimate in analog andget a reel to reel,you won't be disappointed. 
MC300 MC252 MC501 recommendations based on my setup
I replaced my MC352 with the 501's and never looked back.They first powered Von Schweikert VR4HSE's and now powerInnersound Eros with Sanders new electrostat panels, and I love the amps.The first diff I noticed was the low end impact, it was almos... 
Otari MTR-10 MKII 
Otari MTR-10 MKII
Sound quality is very good, some being better than others like any other tape producer.Tapes are not as mainstream usually but that is what makes it interesting.Go to this link and go to the sticky "The Best of the Best" for the best sounding tapes.  
Otari MTR-10 MKII
I owned a Otari 5050blll which I loved after owning revoxb77 teac4010 and a few others throughout the yearsand can say the Otari will sound better but the real difference would be in tape handling compared to consumer decks, it is very gentle and ... 
Revox B970 malfunction
My revox b760 tuner went kaput after powerup, soI rebuilt the power supply with kit from revox parts seller and everything came back working. Can't tell what your problem is but it can't hurt to try. 
Reel to Reel Tape
Almandog, I use a Sony APR5003 and it blows away my VPI scoutmaster w grado sonata.  Tables are good until youhear a reel to reel with good tapes 
Fuses on Magnepan .7 speackers
What the saying about there is one born every second!!!Boy that's the truth. Spend your cash on music 
What used speakers raraely come up for sale
Sanders Sound System or Innersound Eros(the older model).Love them and you won't see them for sale from me butyou might see my Von Schweikert VR4 Genlll's soon. 
Reel to Reel and General Tapes Questions
Otari is up the ladder so to speak of the Otari.I had the 5050lll-2 that handles tape in a different league than a home unit that lasted a few years and sold it and went with aSony APR-5003 which is a dream to work with.As far as vcr heads, why...... 
Why don't amplifier Companies use high end fuses?
Because they are smart enough to know.If I could get that last 1" of wire to make a diff after a few miles of wireand trump my competition I would. 
Why don't amplifier Companies use high end fuses?
I just installed high end fuses in my scoutmaster motor,and i must say it runs way better, or maybe not, wait,theres no difference.