Otari tape recorders

I recently met someone with two very serious studio size tape recorders, and I'm trying to help him get some into and eventually sell 'em. Does OTARI ring any bells for anyone?
Otari has been one of the primary professional studio multitrack manufacturers. I think the most popular brands are Tascam and Studer; Otari might be third. IS IT DIGITAL, OR ANALOG? 24 track? ALL PRO ENGINEERS SEEM TO DREAM ABOUT ARE 150 channel mixing consoles; they give more thought to the console than to the tape machine or format, it seems to me. Perhaps because that's the thing they interface with the most...they do have several dials and sliders on them, heh heh... HERE'S A BRAND THAT'LL THROW TUBE GUYS FOR A LOOP (just from the name): Solid State Logic. Those, and Neve, are the most salivated over consoles. The more channels, the better to mix that pop single that "translates" well to the "mass audience"...with boomboxes as their "reference" playback device...
I am interested in purchasing a reel to reel. I currently have a TEAC X1000R and don't particularly like the sound, especially since I seem to be able to get better sound from my Nak MR-1. I have owned Revox, Sony, Akai, reel to reels in the past and liked the sound of the A-77's that I owned. I am considering an Otari MX-5050 BII. How does this machine sound? Are they reliable. What should a good one cost me on the used market? Any input would be appreciated friends! Thank you.
I am interested in these if they are for sale. What is the exact model # ? (sorry to interject in middle of thread)