Just heard "The Other Side" for the first time this morning. On the opening "Let the Good Times Roll," when Eva Cassidy picks up the vocals from the (excellent) Chuck Brown, I almost fainted. Simply incredible: razor-edged honey.

I know Cassidy is not a new topic around here, but even having heard her before, this was one of the most stunning moments I've had listening to music over the past couple of years. YMMV, of course, but if you haven't heard it, do give it a try; absolutely the reason I'm into audio.

Yes, all Eva's work will confirm that we lost a special talent with her passing. But, her music lives on and that makes her special for all ages. Listening to her on vinyl is an extra treat, so if you don't have her vinyl 'Songbird' treat yourself to her joy. 'Over the Rainbow' has never been done better.
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