Outlaw Audio RR2160 MKII

Has anyone received the new updated Outlaw RR2160 MKII? I ordered mine just before Christmas and received it the next week. It is my first dabble into network type receivers and I did look into Bluesound and the Yamah R-N803. The RR2160 is supposed to have an App for iPhone or Android by the end of January. It should allow you to stream Qobuzz, Tidal, Spotify, etc. So far I have been playing the phono, CD player, USB inputs with thumbdrive files, and Net Radio using I believe Tune In.
So far so good. It sounds very good on my smaller two way speakers and powerfull enough with enough bass to drive my Von Schweikert VR-5's.
The reason I went for it was because all the features including streaming for $999. Most streamers don't have amplifiers but there are some like the Yamaha. It also has FM radio if you want that and you can separate the pre-amp from the amp to use the pre in another system, which the Yamaha does not have.
Anyone with experiences?
The Outlaw RR2160 MKII streaming app is available now from the App Store and Google Play.
My service is Qobuz and is working fine. I am a novice at streaming and have not used any streaming apps before but the Outlaw seem intuitive and has many features. Some may disagree......
I recently purchased the Outlaw RR2160 MKII and so far so good except I cannot stream TIDAL through the Outlaw Audio app.

I am able to select TIDAL in the app and login successfully fine, also I can see my playlists. I have streamed Spotify and Amazon Music successfully but with TIDAL a song starts, get no sound and then within 4 to 5 seconds it stops.

Anyone have similar or experience or advice (I admit I may just be missing something obvious)?

Have you tried the Outlaw Support Center? You have to be logged in on their site. They are very helpful and answer in a few hours.