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Outlaw Audio RR2160 MKII
Have you tried the Outlaw Support Center? You have to be logged in on their site. They are very helpful and answer in a few hours. 
Outlaw Audio RR2160 MKII
Have you tried the Outlaw Support Center? You have to be logged in on their site. They are very helpful and answer in a few hours. 
Outlaw Audio RR2160 MKII
The Outlaw RR2160 MKII streaming app is available now from the App Store and Google Play.My service is Qobuz and is working fine. I am a novice at streaming and have not used any streaming apps before but the Outlaw seem intuitive and has many fea... 
Your shipping wrecks. USPS,FED-EX and UPS
I ordered the Outlaw RR2160 MKII on 12/23 and got it on 12/28, 6 days.I wanted to pick it up in Mass. but was told they ship from Utah.The return address on the label says Easton, Mass.Wherever it came from it came quickly! 
Eminent Technology LFT-8b in Harry's system
I first had the LFT8 and the woofer would distort with heavier bass passages so I was going to upgrade ($200) with Bruce's LFT8b woofers but I ended up getting a pair of 8b's (2011 vintage) off Audiogon for $1200. My favorite speakers by far becau... 
Best speakers for Canary Audio CA-301CA
Hi Dan,I have been thinking about the Hyperion 938 speakers. Saw a pair come up on I belive Audiogon recently. Did some research about the spiderless driver design. How did you like them from what you heard? I am not sure they are still in busines... 
Quicksilver V4 amps with KT150
jb45,Old thread but; did you try the kt150 in the V4's and how did it sound?I have a 2009 pair and run the kt120 even though they were not designed for that tube. Sounds great. I understand that the only extra benefit that you will not get with th... 
Repair-Restoration Tech for Vintage Sansui Amps??
Old thread but Soundsmith's Peter Ledermann. He engineers parts and does repairs for Tandberg. Manufactures the famous Soundsmith MI cartridges. Lists ¬†all the manufacturers he services and gives a 1 year warranty.Go to 
Dahlquist DQ-20 Fan club Rant
I see a lot of DQM9 Compact out there, not the DQM9. Is there a big difference? And when Zydo says DQM9 do you mean the Compact or the regular DQM9? 
Eminent Technology LFT8b
If you read Doug Schroeder's review in Dagogo you would find out his preference for the LFT's over the 1.6. I have tried a few other speakers of similar design; Magnepan MG IIIa and MG 1.6 but I preferred overall the LFT8b. Originally I had the ea... 
Dahlquist DQ-20 Fan club Rant
Wow, this thread has been going for a long time! I have the review on the DQ20 done by G. Gordon Holt from Stereo Review, 1988. I found it back around 1999 in my college library "periodicals index", remember those, before Google? Anyway, he compar... 
Grace F-9 broken stylus
I have the same situation. Bought a table with the F-9, green stylus. The stylus was crooked so I went over to Peter at Soundsmith (local) and he straightened it out for me but said the needle was a little worn on one side due to anti-skate. He of... 
Personal speaker evolution
1972-Fisher 2 or 3 ways1984-AR 3 ways1989-Boston bookshelf1997-Dahlquist DQ20 *2003-RBH AC5T home theater2010-Legacy Focus *2010-Polk RTi102011-Magnepan MG3a *2012-Eminent Technology LFT82012-Magnepan 1.62012-Eminent Tech. LFT8b *2012-Eminent Tech... 
Review: Polk Audio SDA-2 Speaker
Try Legacy Audio Classic, Signature III, or Focus and I think you'll find that there are indeed still speakers that can provide the bass and dynamics of the old school speakers except with more refinement and better drivers (and higher price?). 
Dahlquist DQ-20 Fan club Rant
Opalchip,I did the replacement too with the Scanspeak D2008.I think I paid around $150 for a pair from Madisound and kept the original. Funny thing is the one that blew was already a replacement from Regnar who say that the D2008 was originally mo...