Outstanding customer service from ASR Germany

I have an ASR Emmiter II amplifier (outstanding sound quality!). I have e-mailed two questions to ASR GMBH in the past two weeks, about bias setting and how to adjust and lock the amp's gain to bi-amp with another amplifier.
I received detailed and very polite replies from Mr. Schaefer the designer/owner.
I am delighted with ASR's customer service. I received fast (less than 12 hours) and very clear replies.
I have read here and on other web sites many complaints about customer service, therefore I think we should also give credit to people who care about their customers.

Leonard from Audio Research also provides outstanding customer service.

Another company that always responded my queries politely, correctly and quickly is SME (tonearms/turntables).

No wonder those three manufacturers are leaders within their market niches.
Congratulations, keep up the good work!

Disclaimer: I do not have any affiliation with the above manufacturers, I am just a happy user.
Now, on the other side of the ledger, Accuphase is an exercise in futility. The people that respond to your questions are not proficient in English. Accuphase sells very high end units and then cuts off part for them...no recommendations from them on where you can get parts.

VPI even takes that up a notch. I received two defective record cleaning machines and when I complained to VPI that the replacement had not shipped to my dealer, the customer service person told me its not unusual, he was still waiting for a part from Home Depot for weeks.